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Advices to the Alephino command language:

Tip Syntax:
<search aspect> = ( <search word> operator (and/or/not) < search word> ) or
<1. search aspect> = <search word> operator (and/or/not) < 2. search aspect> = <search word>

Subsequently you'll find the abbreviations for most common search aspects. A complete list is present in help menu, chapter CCL command language.
TIT = Words from titles -- NAM = Words from authors -- SUB = Words from headings -- PUB = Words from publisher -- PLA = Words from publishing places -- YEA = Year of publication -- ISN = ISBN / ISSN / ISMN / ISRN

Tip The system doesn't makes a difference between upper- and lowercase characters. Entering computer you'll find computer, Computer and also COMPUTER.

Tip You also can truncate search words using ? (for any single character) or * (for any string of characters). For instance - with bib* you'll find title records containing words bible, bibliographic ...
Furthermore with *ology you'll get records with anthropology, archeology, psychology...
A range of publiation years can be entered using the < operator.

Tip Further examples:
TIT=(history and society) -- will find all documents containing eighter "history" or "society".
TIT=(history or society) -- will find all documents containing "history" or "society" or both.
TIT=(histo* OR socie*) and AUT=winkler* -- will find all documents containing "histo*" or "socie*" or both and have the author "winkler".